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I will come out to your property, sit down and listen to your needs, We will then go over and find the best option for your particular situation!

John Westhaver 

Estate Clean Out / Buy Out option:

At JJ West Estate Cleanout Solutions, we deal with Estates of all shapes and sizes, we work with our clients to choose the best option for both parties. The Estate clean out / buy out will typically be your best choice when you do have some items with resale value, but also need to have the entire property cleaned out and made ready for sale. We will make an offer by determining a fair price for the purchase of your items and deducting our labor and trash fees. Sometimes you end up with a nice check for your stuff, and we haul the junk away too. Other cases it turns out to be an even trade of labor for merchandise. Even if there are only a few items of value, it often relieves a portion of the cost to our clients, which makes everyone happy!  Either way, when choosing an Estate Cleanout Company like JJ West Estate Cleanout Solutions for your Estate needs, you can rest assured that the job will be done to your satisfaction! Our reputation proves it!!

We don’t merely help you with the Junk removal. We are experts at recycling, donating, and reselling almost anything, including old cars, Antiques, Household items, Collectibles, and so much more…..We love packed houses, Jammed Attics, and over stuffed Basements! We even love Storage units!

Partial cleanouts

Maybe you just want to have your garage space back, or finally decide to get the cellar cleared out, or have your attic space back! no job is too small just give us a call.

Credit for your items.

Every cleanout is different, you may have some Antiques, Collectibles, or lots of other items that have resale Value, this can effect the price we charge for the cleanout, many times we have done a cleanout and not charged a dime, other times we have actually paid the client and done the cleanout, you never know. But it is important to never throw anything out until we come to the property for the estimate, you may be surprised!

Junk / Trash removal 

We pretty much can remove anything that you have on your property. we will remove appliances, furniture, water heaters, books, clothing, computers, electronics, metals, wood, rugs, construction debris, yard debris. etc.

Donations / Recycle
We donate whenever possible all usable goods and give you a tax deduction receipt. We recycle pretty much anything that will be accepted at a recycling facility, the less trash that goes in the dump the better it is for all of us.

Antiques / buying

We also Buy Antiques and Good Furniture.


Items regularly purchased:
  • Antiques
  • Good used furniture
  • Old toys  
  • Porcelain and pottery
  • Old documents and paper
  • Military items
  • Nautical Items
  • Industrial items