About Us

In the mid 1980's we purchased a small cleaning company, renamed it Prestige Cleaning and started cleaning out a few homes and offices. over a period of time people soon realized that we did a very good job and through word of mouth our customer base began to grow. we found out early on that attention to detail and going above and beyond what the customer requested of us was the key to a successful business!     as our customer base grew so did the variety of tasks that were requested of us from regular home / office cleaning to junk removal to yard debris to recycling to appliance removal to construction cleaning, well you get the idea.   over the   years we began working with realtors and homeowners who needed a home or building cleared of its contents, cleaned and made ready for sale. we now offer a wide variety of services including purchasing, junk removal, removing contents of attics, basements, yard debris, and also cleaning and preparation of your home to get it ready for sale.

There is no need to deal with a dozen companies when we are called in!

another important lesson we learned thru the years is that we keep our overhead low so we can keep our fees low. we do not have a fleet of the latest model trucks, fancy uniforms or a large office staff. what we do have is work ethic, integrity and a promise to you that when you hire us for a job your home or building will be the sole focus until the job is completed exactly the way that you Requested.

We have now entered the electronic age so we have this new website and a new name, but our promise remains the same, give us a try and you will not be disappointed!